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 For Patients and Practitioners

AOD: Introduction            AOD: Plaster Area          Casting: AFO            Casting: KAFO

Design: AFO Designs Used in Treating Paralysis in Spina Bifida

Design: Management of CMT Related Deficits

Design: Pediatric & Adult AFOs           Design: SMO for Idiopathic Toe Walking

Design: Supinating Hand Piece For Dynamic EWHOs

Design: Treatment of Idiopathic Toe Walking           Design: Treatment of Peroneal Nerve Palsy (Foot Drop)

Design: Unweighting The Heel             DUAFO: Overview (Limited Motion)

LoadShifter AFO: Overview           LoadShifter KAFO: Overview           LoadShifter KAFO: Patient Walks      

        Texas TURBO: Design Overview     Texas TURBO: Fitting Part 1       Texas TURBO: Fitting Part 2

Texas TURBO: Testimonial

For Technicians

AFO: EVA Innerboots              AFO: Malleoli & Calf Pads               AFO: Neuropathic Walker (CROW) Fabrication

AFO: Partial Foot Prosthesis Part 1             DUAFO: Correct And Reverse Tracing             FO: Fabrication

KAFO: Infrapatellar Strap              KAFO: Sheepskin Knee Pad              Modifying: Part 1              Modifying: Part 2

Tech Tip: Old Tape Measures              Tech Tip: Powdercoating               Tech Tip: Removing Powdercoat

Tech Tip: Transfer Patterns Onto Chafes         Tech Tip: Transfer Patterns Onto Straps

Texas TURBO: Fabrication Overview           Texas TURBO: Pulling Plastic

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